0.86 is now live!

0.86 is now live!


0.86 is live and with it, the following additions and changes:

0.859 -> 0.86
– Current police and fire department stats adjusted and population requirement increased.
– New small police and fire departments added with lower cost, stats and population requirement.
– Rounded block segments added.

– Resource demands for residential zones changed. This should make them more balanced over zone size, as for example 2×2 was a bit overpowered before. Also, food demands have been changed so that mixed tiers (tier 2 and 4) have the same required resources as tier lower and middle class tiers, but at higher demand. This is basically to allow players to get middle class and upper class citizens, without having to produce the additional resource types.
On top of this, food demands are generally lower at low densities, and higher towards higher densities and goods and service demands are absent from the first density, and overall lower.
– Building demands for residential zones have been changed. This mostly corrects 1×1, 2×2 and 3×3 zones having very few demands for nearby parks and schools etc.
– Changed resource requirements of quarters (they were seriously OP!).

– Commercial building local area effects changed.
– Commercial building resource requirements changed. Overall the requirement for goods is higher to offset the lower requirement from residences. Labour requirement is higher, except for mixed tiers where it is lower. This also increases tax income from commercial buildings.
– Commercial building service output lowered (to compensate for lower requirement from residences).

– Industrial buildings’ local area effects updated. Resources input/output will be tweaked later.
– Hotel buildings’ local area effects updated. Resources input/output will be tweaked later.

– Increased cereal output from farms to accomodate increase in cereal required by residential buildings.
– Increased power output from all power production buildings to match increased power requirement from residential buildings.
– Increased water output from absorbents and water towers.
– Decreased output from food processing and drinks processing plants.

– Crime now lowers area property value, which primarily affects commercial buildings negatively as they require high land values.

– Further adjustments to trade price elasticity.

– Fixed missing service output from 1×1 and some of the 2×2 commercial buildings.
– Fixed missing good/bad building requirements for quarters.
– Fixed cost information panel “sticking” when switching from a building to bulldozer.
– Fixed bug allowing 3rd density upper class 3×3 building to grow (to none existing building).
– Fixed bug where police departments were unaffected by changes in funding (allowing free policing!).
– Fixed all 3×3 residences being avalaible in challenges.
– Prospective fix for slow shutdown of threads when exiting the game.
– Improved on the fix for the duct taped connection issue. There’s some work remaining on speeding connections up.
– Removed static world size display on template images in world creator.

This update adds in small police and fire departments, which become available rather early and are enough to cover the needs early on in the game. The bigger version become available later than before. These are still upgradable like before.

The addition of these come with a bunch of changes to local area effects for commerce, industry and hotel buildings. Overall, crime generated in cities will be lower, but the negative effects of crime are now slightly greater as crime will lower building value, which is negative for primarily commerce and hotel buildings.

Rounded block segments have also been added. They’re mainly aimed at expanding on customization options in cities.

The update also adds a bunch of fixes and prospective fixes.

There were a few items that did not make it into the update. These were primarily difficulty refinements and additional boosters for buildings. These additions have been pushed to the next release along with the following prospective items:

Fix for rounded blocks not lighting up when bulldozing.
Add boosters to buildings.
Addition of UI to show size of area selected for zone placement
Conglomerate difficulty adjustments (not as angry)
Difficulty refinements (easy to hard)
I and H resource input/output
Permanent fix for connection issue in large cities
Further tests that threads stop properly in large cities.
Grass/plaza texture painting
Order decos (2 1×1, 2 2×2), 1 1×1,
Economy decos (2 1×1, 2 2×2), 1 1×1,
Tradition decos (2 1×1, 2 2×2), 1 1×1,
Revolution decos (2 1×1, 2 2×2), 1 1×1,
Static perks – House of buearucracy passive perk
Cityname displayed on media center building
Commercial 3×3

As seen there is a known issue with the rounded blocks not lighting up when hovering bulldozing. This will be fixed in the next update.

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