0.859 is live and happy new year!

0.859 is live and happy new year!


A last, small update for 2022:

0.858 -> 0.859
– Screen space reflections deprecated. (high performance cost, for little visual improvement)
– Changed trade volume effect on resource demand. This should make prices less affected by large trade volumes, especially in large cities.
– Rewired controller customization asset updated. This could possibly address issues with control customization.
– Upper class 3×3 third density residential buildings added.

I’ve removed the screen space reflections option, as it is both costly in terms of performance, but offers little in the way of visual fidelity. It was also not functional on all OS:es.

I’ve updated the rewired controller mapper to ensure it is up to date and bug free.

The last remaining 3×3 buildings have been added in. This is the third density upper class buildings.

Lastly, I would like to wish everyone a happy new year!

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