0.858 now live!

0.858 now live!


I’ve updated the game, here’s what’s new:

0.857 -> 0.858
– Added tool tip for how to change size of roundabouts.
– Area frame fixed so that it shows the correct size of the area marked out when placing buildings.
– Fixed incorrect rounding when placing multiple buildings. Selecting a 6×6 sized area with 4×4 buildings would place 4 buildings, although only one would properly fit the area.
– Fixed roundabouts not working on flat worlds.
– Zone planning tool added for residences and industrial buildings. Selecting (for example) 4×4 residences and framing an area of 6x times 6x will now will place one 4×4 building and fill the remaining area with 2×2.

I’ve fixed a bug preventing placement of roundabout on flat worlds. I’ve also added a proper tool tip for how to resize roundabouts when placing them.

I mentioned a while back adding in a zone planning tool. This is now live for residential buildings and industrial buildings (they have complete sets of 1×1 to 4×4 buildings).

You can now select an area to place zones into. The selected size building will be the maximum size, and all areas that don’t fit that size will be fitted with a smaller size zone.

This makes it easier to mix different size zones.

I’ve also fixed the outer frame when selecting an area, so that it correctly compensates for building size, making it easier to see what area is being selected. On top of this, a rounding error has also been fixed, preventing an amount of buildings larger than can be fitted into the selected area being placed.

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