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Month: August 2022

0.84 is live!

0.84 is live!


0.84 is now live:

0.83 -> 0.84
– Added first set of buildings for the lower tier 3×3 residentials.
– Two new parks (3×4 and 2×3) added.
– New stairs type park added.
– Park effects changed. All parks now cost the same (depending on size) and produce the same output. That way the different park types become more of a design choice, rather than having different effects that the player might want to balance or maximize.
– Difficulty info added into file info when loading.
– Made changes to atmosphere material so that travelling through it causes less distortion.

– Fixed bug where special road pieces couldn’t be rotated
– Fixed side block decoration placement bug.
– Fixed rounded round not working next to other rounded roads (on the rounded blocks)

As mentioned in prior devlogs, a couple of new parks have been added in.

These are odd sized parks (width and length different) that work well, for example, at the end of roads as a sort of center point.

I discovered a minor issue with one of the special road pieces when wrapping roads around rounded blocks. This has now been fixed.

I’ve started adding in 3×3 residential buildings. The first tier, first density 3×3 residential set can now be added to your city:

Also previously mentioned, there’s now a type of half height decoration block that can be built on.

Park roster expanded

Park roster expanded


Still working on a few things that will go into the upcoming version, hoping to have it up next sunday!

The park roster is being expanded. Here’s the park that was WIP last week:

I’ve also added in a 3×2 sized park:

I’ve also changed pricing and effects of parks so that they’re based on the size of park rather than (for example) the 4×4 all having different prices and effects. That way, which specific park you pick is more about design, rather than an attempt to maximize certain effects.

Also added in a new decoration that also functions as a stepwise block that can be built on:

I’ve started working out some of the 3×3 residential buildings, I’m hoping to have the first and second tier ones in by the next update, but could possibly get a few more of them in if creativity strikes. 🙂

New parks!

New parks!


The past week I’ve worked on refining the easy-normal-hard settings. Currently, I want to stretch the boom/bust cycle slightly on easy mode, to make the bust cycle slightly slower or the boom cycle slightly longer to make economy easier on easy mode.
I’m also making additional adjustments on things like conglomerate behavior, making them less angry when you demolish things etc.

I also got a request for irregular shaped parks, so I’ve started working on those. An idea that popped in my head was to have a sort of park that also works like a transition between different levels in the city. So I made this 2×3 sized park:

On top of that I’m making a 3×4 park, seen here:

I found a bug that prevents rotating the special road pieces. This will be fixed in the upcoming update to the game. On the side of working on the new ideology decorations, I will also be starting up production on 3×3 residences and commercial buildings.

0.83 live!

0.83 live!


A new version will be live in a bit! Here’s what’s new:

0.82 -> 0.83
– Changed template selection in main menu, selecting a template no longer starts the game at normal difficulty. Instead you can adapt the settings freely and start the game using the specified template (which makes more sense :)).
– Economic crashes no longer occur on easy mode. Instead, economy fluctuates smoothly.
– Added text box to describe the differences between the difficulty modes. Localizations will be added in later.
– Easy modes now has an increase likelihood of conglomerates making offers.
– Updated one of the templates to avoid size issues when starting a template on a minimum sized world
– Changed texture mipmap settings to avoid buildings looking overly dark at a distance.
– Adjusted the camera startlocation depending on world size
– Added a display size of area placed when placing blocks and also road length.
– Added 1×1 tradition ideology decoration.

– Fixed so that starting a small world will “crop” a remaining templates.
– Fixed loading bug where cities would revert to normal difficulty if started in difficult or easy mode.
– Fixed collider size issue with path decoration.

The main menu’s free roam world setup has gotten some changes. The world created, and primarily the difficulty setting used, is described. It is now also possible to properly select a block template and setup a world, rather than clicking a template starting a world on normal difficulty.

The tradition ideology 1×1 decoration is now done:

This means that all four ideology “groups” have 1×1 decorations now, more might follow later on, but for now I will settle with these and move on to 2×2.

I noticed there was a bug that reverted cities to normal mode after loading them, this has now been fixed. Easy mode has also gotten some additional adjustments.

Texture import settings have been changed a bit again, to avoid textures fading out at far distances and making the skyline look dark, rather than fade to the current fog color.