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Month: March 2021

Website back up and 0.54 is live!

Website back up and 0.54 is live!


0.54 is live! Here’s what’s new:

0.53 -> 0.54
– Decorative pathway added
– Added a decorative panel.
– Added frame around category buttons in trade panel to indicate they can be clicked.
– Bridge max build length increased.
– Atmoports, goods ports and aeronautics stations can now be rotated.
– Non-symmetric buildings can now be rotated (180 degrees).
– Area information added into building info window.

– Lowered baselikelihood of heatwaves.
– Heatwaves now more common if pollution is high.
– Vehicle code separated into vehicles (cars etc.) and complex vehicles (atmofleets etc.) for memory usage reasons.
– Crime policy costs lowered.
– Residential revenue lowered, commercial, industrial and hotel(ial?!) revenue increased to compensate.
– Cost of unemployment increased.
– Hydrogen power plants now included in green energy category in the budget.
– Convention centers now boost hotels.
– Third density hotels now have night time lights on.
– Ads added to new vactrainstation.
– Parks nerfed.
– Carbon storage facility output increased.
– Citizen reps. now disregard there being no welfare, if there’s instead a UBI.
– Property sales tax added. When property is sold, the revenue for the city is shown in the notice. High property sales tax will generate fewer building trades.
– Storage capacity and public transport added as visible outputs.
– Total storage space now visible in trade window

– Absorbent footprint updated.
– First density lower skill commercial footprint fixed (seam).

– Stalled cars should now correctly remove themselves when out of view.
– Fixed block type decorations interfering with roads
– Fixed incorrect distance in density calculation.
– Fixed lack of education, health and wealth (among others) lowering output on power plants. Buildings are generally affected by crime, fire safety and public transport, not the other aspects.
– Fixed bug where adaptive decorations would not load properly.
– Fixed citizen rep. happiness generally being higher than the average happiness for the city.

This update adds some new decorations – a sort of pedestrian pathway and two types of metallic panels that can be used to decorate the side of blocks.

Buildings that could previously not be rotated (atmoports and non-symmetrical buildings for example) can now be rotated. Non symmetrical buildings can be rotated around 180 degrees, as that requires no additional free space.
I’ve also extended the maximum range of bridges.

There were some missing emission maps, primarily for third density hotels, that have no been added in. On top of that a bunch of textures have been spruced up and edges/seams have been fixed.

A property sales tax has been added. This tax allows the city to make some money when conglomerates purchase buildings from one another. Adding this, I’ve also changed the likelihood of them purchasing buildings from eachother.

Storage space is now indicated with an icon, so the amount of storage “output” from for example warehouses is apparent. The city’s total storage space is also displayed in the trade window.

Area status has also been added into the building info window. So it’s now easier to see area statuses that lower the efficiency of a building.

There are also a bunch of fixes, like removing cars that have been stalled and citizen rep happiness being higher than the average happiness of the city.

0.52 is live and info on ideologies

0.52 is live and info on ideologies


The game was updated earlier today. The update finishes off the remainder of minor UI work for the main menu and fixes some minor bugs.

Work on implementing ideologies is progressing fairly well. The most recent building addition is the Stock exchange:

The Stock exchange is available when adopting liberalism and laissez-faire liberalism. The building produces additional revenue for the city.

Ideology buildings will output production as long as the ideology is still active. If ideology is changed after the building has been placed, then they will become dormant and only output culture. A sort of “remember back in the days of [ideology]” historical bonus for the city.

When adopting an ideology, the city will enter into a revolution during which revenue drops, costs increase, crime increases etc. Once the revolution is over, the ideology slowly comes into effect after which upkeep costs, crime, culture, education, happiness, health, labour, revenue, safety and wages will be affected.

Depending on the characteristics of the ideology, these parameters will either be increased or decreased. For example, in communism, everyone has a job, but upkeep costs increase as a result of increased corruption. In Laissez Faire liberalism upkeep costs are lower as a result of effictivization and revenue is increased, but wages drop, happiness drops, crime increases and culture also takes a hit. Each ideology has its pros and cons that will need to be offset by expanding on for example education or health, or by increasing revenue to counteract increased costs.

Once the ideology system has been added in, I will start adding a handful of unique residential and commercial buildings that will randomly grow in the city while it is run under a specific ideology. Given the amount of buildings needed, this will be done gradually.

While ideology is still brewing

While ideology is still brewing


Short update! The next version of the game will be live on sunday. In line with the previous one it is a rather small one while the roster of ideology buildings is being expanded.

My push to overhaul the UI is more or less finished. For the upcoming version, the main menu has been spruced up. Only some minor tweaks remain, but will do as more things getting added into the game in future versions.

I’ve prepared a short tutorial for tourism, as well as fixed up the recently added path finding system for blimps. Blimps should now have smoother movement when nearing stations. I now also have a functional hologram type shader that will be used for additional billboards!

Next devlog I’ll share some more details on the different ideologies that can be adopted and what pros and cons they have!

Version 0.51

Version 0.51


The new version has gone live with a bunch of fixes and UI tweaks. This version and a couple of the upcoming ones will be fairly small as I’m now simultaneously working on unique buildings for the upcoming ideology implementation. For ideologies there will be 20 unique buildings and a bunch of unique decorations, so making the entire roster of ideology buildings will take a while.

Some of the additions coming after version 0.51 tomorrow is the remaining 4×4 hotel buildings, more billboards and a new main menu UI.
A few versions down the line, the entire roster of ideology buildings will be added in at the same time along with the supporting systems.
I will however display some of the new buildings along the way. First out, the surveillance bureau for authoritarian mayors out there:

Full patchnotes:

– Temperature and day/night display on blimps
– Animation manager added. This will control building animations across the city in a more efficient way and also mean building animations are subject to the current game speed.
– Fixed bug where cars were not deregistered (the additional amount of cars that was added in recently).
– Fixed tram network list null.
– Stability fund policy fixed. If enabled, in a boom economy funds are diverted into a fund at an interest. The fund is then expended in a recession helping the city to automatically maintain a stable economy.
– Employee funds policy adjusted. Increases income for citizens, but lowers growth.
– Loading UI tweaked.
– Random advice added when a city loads.
– Refined pathfinding for atmofleets, freighters and blimps.
– Stadiums now generate a team name and a team that can win and lose!
– Crime and fire prevention output now visible when clicking police and fire departments.